Autism Spectrum Conditions and Self-Diagnosis

There is much debate over the validity of a ‘self-diagnosis’ for neurodivergent people. This site fully supports the right for people to self-diagnose and find a sense of self within our “community”. The reality of the case is that the vast majority of people seek a formal diagnosis precisely because they think they may divergeContinue reading “Autism Spectrum Conditions and Self-Diagnosis”

Studio 3 Low Arousal Training

Foundation and Advanced Low Arousal training sessions are now being delivered online every Friday by our team of experienced crisis management trainers. These 3.5 hour sessions cover the principles of Low Arousal Approaches and their application in practice, applicable for families, teachers, staff and more. The foundation course also includes a free e-copy of ‘The ReflectiveContinue reading “Studio 3 Low Arousal Training”

Restraint Reduction Network

Join the Network We are the world leading restraint reduction charity and we want you to be a part of our movement. All of our members demonstrate their commitment to reducing restrictive practice and has a vital role to play in shaping a global, least-restrictive culture. We have launched a new model of membership toContinue reading “Restraint Reduction Network”

Critical Autism Studies

The term ‘Critical Autism Studies’ (CAS) was coined in 2010 by Joyce Davidson and Michael Orsini. Although the definition of CAS is subject to some debate, it is thought to comprise three elements: 1. Critically exploring the power dynamics that shape autism – in terms of diagnosis, what is autism and what is knowable aboutContinue reading “Critical Autism Studies”