Edge Hill University Critical Autism Studies

Highly Recommended – A long needed contemporary approach to autism which sits perfectly with the move towards autism positive support. Actively supports recruiting autistic people as well. This taught Masters degree provides you with specialist training in critical autism studies within an interdisciplinary department. You will gain a range of perspectives on autism in orderContinue reading “Edge Hill University Critical Autism Studies”

On the ontological status of Autism

Much of autism research conducted since it was first identified in the early 20th century has largely been neurotypical observations about how autistic people are assumed to differ physiologically, psychologically or cognitively. The autistic person usually had little or no participation other than the ‘research object’ of the neurotypical ‘expert’. Chown (2014) states, “There areContinue reading “On the ontological status of Autism”

The Neurodiversity Reader

The Neurodiversity Reader collection brings together work from pioneering figures within and beyond the neurodiversity movement to critically explore its associated concepts and how they might be translated into practice. The concept of neurodiversity can be traced to the late 1990s and the work of the autistic Australian sociologist Judy Singer (1998), with its origins withinContinue reading “The Neurodiversity Reader”

“Congratulations! You have won this item. Check out now.”

The commissioning of Autism Support Services. I remember feeling really quite elated when I ‘won’ a pooper scooper on a very well know internet auction site. I had carefully read the description that came with it and the reviews it received on how it behaved in action and decided that I wanted it. Not onlyContinue reading ““Congratulations! You have won this item. Check out now.””

Neurodiversity Acceptance

We believe in a contemporary approach to autism which views our cognitive differences as natural human differences ‘Nothing about us without us!’ The term ‘neurodiversity’ and the neurodiversity movement have become synonymous with the Autism Rights Movement, but it is primarily a focus on neural and cognitive difference. As opposed to being an exclusively autism-focusedContinue reading “Neurodiversity Acceptance”