World Autism Awareness Day 2021.

I can’t face it this year. Not anymore. Not another year of ignorance. I’m done. The fact this day will be full of neurotypicals dressed in blue with jigsaws all over them, that a huge number of awareness posts on all kinds of social media will be about solidarity with each other over the ‘curse’Continue reading “World Autism Awareness Day 2021.”

‘The Language of Us and Them’ by Mayer Shevin

We like things. They fixate on objects. We try to make friends. They display attention-seeking behaviors. We take a break. They display off-task behavior. We stand up for ourselves. They are non-compliant. We have hobbies. They self-stim. We choose our friends wisely. They display poor peer socialization. We persevere. They perseverate. We love people. TheyContinue reading “‘The Language of Us and Them’ by Mayer Shevin”

Restraint Reduction Network

Want to make sure the CQC inspection process works? Ever experienced a ‘closed culture’? If so, then we need your help! This survey closes on 14th February What is a closed culture?The Care Quality Commission (CQC) must check that services are protecting people’s ‘human rights’. Human rights make sure people are treated fairly, with respectContinue reading “Restraint Reduction Network”

Excellent Website – Therapist Neurodiversity Collective

An international collective of SLPs/OTs/PTs who believe that neurological differences are to be recognized and respected as any other human variation. Our mission is to provide FREE public access to pro-neurodiversity focused therapists, to advocate with our therapists and the neurodivergent and disabled populations we serve, and to provide education for therapy practices and methodologiesContinue reading “Excellent Website – Therapist Neurodiversity Collective”