World Autism Awareness Day 2021.

I can’t face it this year. Not anymore. Not another year of ignorance. I’m done.

The fact this day will be full of neurotypicals dressed in blue with jigsaws all over them, that a huge number of awareness posts on all kinds of social media will be about solidarity with each other over the ‘curse’ of autism that so many neurotypicals have to live with. How hard we are to live with, how they do their best to make us and our challenging behaviour normal, but we don’t appreciate their efforts and fight them. We are so ungrateful for their efforts to quash our identity.

I’m wasting my energy fighting with you. I’m stopping. Another autistic voice silenced.

You don’t listen, you don’t want to hear. It isn’t about us is it? It’s all about you.

We are an aberration, something disordered to be studied. A recent piece of so-called research boldly pronounced that autistic people are deficient because they are too moral. Being too honest is a disorder according to these clinical psychologists. Dana Hunter had a different way of looking at it, “Allistics are less able to follow a moral rule when an immoral action can benefit them; they suffer from a reduced concern about their ill-gotten gains and the moral cost.”

Is this what you want us to aspire to be? Is this what it takes to become part of your world? I’ve been on the receiving end of this, neurotypical people lying about their behaviour and being believed and pushing me to the edge. I end up irreparably damaged and broken and they carry on as before, emboldened and actually profited from it! I’m left to ‘keep on pushing’ and stop talking about it. All I wanted was for one person to do the right thing; I knew the rest wouldn’t, but no; they didn’t. They won. I am left isolated and labelled. Congratulations. You lied, closed ranks and protected each other and in so doing you won. Your immoral group code triumphed, and I know my place. I’ll never forgive or forget.

2021. We are being killed. Literally. Nothing. No response, maybe a ‘like’ on Twitter, guilt assuaged because you have demonstrated support. But ‘people’ support ‘mercy killings’ of autistic human beings because, “Well it’s no life is it!” and with their room temperature IQ’s then go back to Facebook with their Domino’s Pizza, watching ‘Love Island’, absolutely sure that they are right. Another Neurotypical get leniency for murdering an ND child.

We are in the midst of a Government sanctioned eugenics movement, with right wing press highlighting the money firms will save in pension payments as people die. 80% of COVID deaths have been disabled people. Hurrah. How proud you must all be of this policy because you keep supporting them even though we are telling you. But if it doesn’t directly impact upon you… you don’t care.

So there we go. If you fight for rights they dismiss you as a troublemaker or just ignore you.  

This is pointless. No acceptance no place in your world.

Message received and understood.

Published by neurodiversityacceptance

An autistic man trying to make the world a kinder and more equitable place for all neurodivergent people.

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