Restraint Reduction Network

Want to make sure the CQC inspection process works?

Ever experienced a ‘closed culture’?

If so, then we need your help!

This survey closes on 14th February

What is a closed culture?
The Care Quality Commission (CQC) must check that services are protecting people’s ‘human rights’. Human rights make sure people are treated fairly, with respect and in a way that gives them choice and control. Abuse, or not having your human rights met, may happen in services that we say have a ‘closed culture’.

About the Restraint Reduction Network and this ‘CQC Closed Culture Project
The Restraint Reduction Network is committed to supporting human rights and reducing the use of all unnecessary restrictive practices. We do this by listening to people and acting on the advice people give us.

What we need to do

The CQC have asked the Restraint Reduction Network to help them. They want to make their inspection process better so they can find places that are not respecting people and their human rights.

We need to get your views about how inspectors can find a closed culture. We will use a survey so that we can hear from lots of people.

When we have the results from the survey we will then speak to people to find out more detail about how inspectors can better identify a closed culture.

How to get involved − it’s easy!
Complete the survey here.
Anyone can fill out the survey as long as you have experienced a closed culture. You might have been in a closed culture, a parent of someone that has experienced a closed culture. You may be an advocate or member of staff that has worked in a closed culture. We want to hear from you.

This is our chance to influence the inspection process for the better!
If you have more to say about this project or want to be considered for one of our discussion forums on this topic then email Alexis:

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