Hyper sensitivity

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Neurodivergent Rebel is in Austin, Texas.

This is an old photo of me sitting under some “standard office lighting” – the lights that chased me out of office life and into working remotely.

I am Autistic, but didn’t know for the first 29 years of my life. I discovered the truth, in part, thanks to this horrible lighting.

For twenty nine years I had been experiencing regular “migraines” (sensory overloads) from exposure to lighting like this and didn’t know what was triggering them.

The truth is I had been experiencing Autistic, sensory related, burnout… I was sick. I was depleted. I was hurting.

When I found out the truth and the cause of my sensory distress I made a choice never to work anywhere with this type of lighting again. Unfortunately, that makes a lot of workplaces off limits for me.

I don’t have migraines anymore… now that I’ve removed the triggers.

Anyone else have trouble with fluorescent lighting?

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An autistic man trying to make the world a kinder and more equitable place for all neurodivergent people.

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